Travel is one of the most exciting things young people can experience. Not only is it a lot of fun, but also can broaden the horizons and change people in ways that must be seen to be believed. Although traveling abroad can be a wonderful experience, there are some risks involved especially for students. Not every student fully knows what to do when they set out to explore on their own for parts unknown. Take a look at these awesome tips that will help those traveling abroad to be safe, be smart, and have a great time.

Be Alert

No matter where you go, it’s always better to be aware of your surroundings. Always listen to your instincts and if someone is giving you bad vibes, clear out. Reach a safe spot or ensure you have people watching your back. Never separate from the tour group or wander in unsafe neighborhoods. Be smart and never risk your safety; it’s never worth it in the long run.

Always be informed

Getting caught unaware while overseas can be a scary experience for any person. There are many ways to remain aware of what’s going on. Sign up for the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, which offers updates and information about the nation you’re visiting. If a crisis happens while you’re away from home, the program will send updates to your phone and give you the necessary information you need to stay safe.

Drink Responsibly

Going out for a drink (or a few) is fine, and depending on where you’re exploring, drinking may be culturally accepted. While traveling abroad, avoid drinking more than your usual limit. Apart from bearing the embarrassment of being an out-of-control tourist, you could be putting yourself in an extremely dangerous situation. Criminals often target tourists who have exceeded their drinking capacity. Drink responsibly and stay smart, no matter the situation.

Know Where You’re Staying

Jot down the address of wherever you’re staying and keep it with you at all times. Try to learn how to say it in the local language. Identify some local landmarks so that if by chance you get lost, you know how to find your way back. All of this will prove useful when traveling; using public transport will seem less intimidating, and no matter what happens, you will find your way back to your accommodation at the end of the day.

Stay Connected

Staying connected with the people from back home is an integral part of safety when traveling abroad. Let your family and friends know that you’re having fun and are taking care of yourself. Ensure to have the best apps for your phone that will keep you connected even if the WiFi fails. You can also share your location with your close ones for a limited time so that they can know your whereabouts, no matter how far you may be.

Research, research, and research

Don’t head out exploring the world without doing your research beforehand. Before you begin your adventure, it’s vital to do some research. Find out about the local culture and learn some basic words in the native language. Also, find out about the customs in the region and the best ways to get around. The more you will know about the place you plan to explore, the more time you can spend enjoying your adventures.


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