Most of our airline tickets, hotels, pre-paid car rentals, vacation packages and service fees are non-refundable after 24 hours of booking. All cancellations must be done using our call centres only. We accept refund requests only if the following conditions have been met:

You have applied for a cancellation and refund with us and if the fare rules provide for cancellation and refunds; you are not a “no show” (most “no show” bookings are in-eligible for any waiver from suppliers for refund processing); and we can secure waivers from suppliers to process your requested cancellation and refund.

We are unable to provide a specific time line for how long the refund process may take. All refund requests are processed in a FCFS format. Once you have approached our customer service agent with your cancellation request, we will then send you an email notification which does not automatically qualify you for a refund.

This only provides you with an acknowledgement of your request and provides you with a tracking number. Upon receipt of your request we will work with the supplier companies to generate a waiver based on airline and other supplier rules and notify you of their decision.

Our service fees associated with the original travel reservation are not refundable. Please be aware that we are dependent on the suppliers for receiving the refunds. Once the refund has been approved by the supplier it may take additional time for this to appear on your credit card statement. Generally, all suppliers will charge a penalty for refund. This entire process may take 60-90 days from receipt of your request to receiving credit on your statement. Apart from the airlines and other suppliers refund penalties, QuickTravels will charge a post-ticketing services fee, as applicable.

All refund fees are charged on per ticket per person basis. These fees will only be assessed if a refund has been authorized by the supplier or a waiver has been received and when the airline/supplier rules permit such refunds. If such refund is not processed by the supplier, we will refund you our post-ticketing service fees applicable to your agent assisted refund request, but not our booking fees for the original travel reservation or booking.

Discount of Airfares

In accordance with the US Airline Deregulation Act, Open Sky Agreements, and subsequent codifications, discounting air tickets is now legal. Due to our large volume, and numerous purchasing sources, we are allowed to bring you many published air fare prices for less than the carriers’ published price. The value of discount may vary based on fare type, availability, seasonality, referral source and destinations. Such discounts may continuously change and vary.

Promo Codes

  1. Quick Travels may issue certain promo codes which are generally valid for online travel reservations and bookings, though some specific Quick Travels promo codes may only be used over the phone through our customer service center.
  2. We invite you to sign up for our newsletter to receive promo codes by email.
  3. Quick Travels promo codes are non-transferable, and cannot be sold or bartered and hold no cash value.
  4. To receive the value of the discount, a valid promo code must be entered in the promo code link on payment page or should be presented to our agent on the call. If the code is not entered the discount cannot be redeemed and has no value. If the code is not accepted or a coupon link is not present, you have the right to not purchase the product or service, but in no circumstances will the credit be applied after purchase is made.
  5. Quick Travels promo codes offers may be revised or withdrawn any time without notice.
  6. For all technical errors there is no recourse except you have the right to not make the purchase.
  7. If the offer is withdrawn, the promo code becomes invalid and the Site and system will not accept the promo code when entered. This is final and you have the right at that point to continue with original price or not continue with your purchase.
  8. The final price displayed (with or without promo code) will be the amount billed/charged and there will be no credits/discounts applied after purchase for absolutely any reason.
  9. Quick Travels promo codes may not be combined with another offer.

We reserve the right to decline any transaction that may have had an error in promo code value even after the booking is created and booking receipt is issued.




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